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Invisible DSO - Silent Partners Invest in Great Practices; Cash Now for You, Massive Resources for Growth

Why Selling Part of Your Practice Can be Far More Lucrative than Selling None or All

Large Practice Sales (LPS) completed $200,000,000+ in transactions in 2019 and almost $300,000,000 in 2020, during COVID. We help Dentists of all specialties monetize the value of their practices through IDSO partnerships for far more than “transition advisors.” We focus exclusively on the sale of practices with $500,000+ in annual earnings, (EBITDA) not collections. We do not provide consulting, valuations, associate searches or any other ancillary service, we focus only on achieving maximum value for our doctor clients.  



Chip Fichtner, A serial entrepreneur for 40 years; started, bought and sold, dozens of businesses. Chairman or CEO of multiple public companies. Featured in media including CNBC, The Wall St. Journal, Forbes, Money, Dental Economics and many others. Presented globally on economics, marketing and practice monetization since 1982. Tolerant wife of 30 years, a boataholic and resides on Southwest Airlines.

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