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Silent Partners Invest in Dental Practices and Drive the Growth of Your Brand

Large Practice Sales Puts Cash in Your Pocket Now... and Later

In the last six months, LPS has arranged over $100 million of investment from “Invisible DSO’s” into our dentist clients’ pockets and practices.  Doctors sell part of their practice now and the balance at higher values later as a long term, secured retirement strategy.


Large Practice Sales’ High Value Transactions Have These Elements

  • The Invisible DSO partner does not change the doctor’s brand, dictate how to run the practice, where to buy products, or change the team’s compensation.
  • Doctors receive 60% to 90% of the value of their practice, in cash, at favorable tax rates and the balance in retained practice ownership, which increases in value with growth.
  • Doctors are paid a negotiated salary under contract for three or more years, plus quarterly profit distributions from their retained ownership in the practice.

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